The Power Of Ecosystems

Our Approach To Ecosystems

We believe that business ecosystems are going to represent the winning factor to leapfrog the competition in every industry: building up internal capabilities is not anymore sustainable organizations because disruption and disruptors are too fast to be faced on a timely manner.

Agility and speed represent the success factors, valuable resource scarcity is one of the main challenges. Partnering and allying with specialized players, professionals or companies, accelerates any transformation towards a solid, long-lasting innovation-driven operating model.

What makes ecosystems sustainable in the long term? Trust, ethics, governance and – of course – the right partners LIRA is accelerating the design of ecosystems, orchestrating its coordination and governing its cooperation rules.

Accelerating Transformations

LIRA is an ecosystem itself: aimed at accelerating the transformation, we leverage on specialized and experienced partnerships to build what is best for our customers. It's an ecosystem of capabilities, starting from defining the north star with the definition of a sustainable strategy and then grounding it into execution, by providing end to end answers to key questions - all connected and orchestrated, obviously.

Our Services

Corporate Strategy & Operating Model

Shape the what, where and how by defining the north star. Understanding how to make the business model more agile, defining the core capabilities and their sourcing model

Ecosystem Design & Acceleration

Identify the partners accelerating the business, design the operating model by boosting the organization-company-entity potential, orchestrate the governance and the kick off, define objectives and measure results.

Ecosystem Execution

Orchestrate the ecosystem by shaping the mid-long term strategy, its governance model, processes and working rules towards a continuous innovation, win-win driven model.

Meet Our Team

We are a network of highly experienced professionals that have experienced the global best strategy consulting firms, the most disruptive digital players, the main universities both as professors and as students. What we have in common is the passion for our business, for our clients, and an 'out of the box' thinking which gets us out of the typical consulting behaviors (yes, you will have to accept that).

Raffaella Campagnoli
Founder & Managing Director
Paolo Gigante
Corporate Strategy
Francesco Brugnoli
Marketing and Innovation
Anna Nogara
HR Strategy
Armjin Verweij
Partner | Operations

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